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Markets and trends are changing every day, and to stay successful as a business, we need to make sure that we act accordingly to understand our client base and keep our revenues growing. Do you want to benefit from our expertise and marketing knowledge, then you’ve reached the right place! Good news, De Jong Solutions is here to help you grow! Let’s create leads and turn them into a return on investment!


At De Jong Solutions we see our clients as a partnership, for who we create bespoke marketing strategies tailored around your needs. We focus on balancing your commercial objectives whilst keeping your brand integrity in line. By partnering together, we can make your business grow by executing 360 multi-channel campaigns to build brand equity through strategy, branding, persona development, culture and storytelling. Our innovation and customer-centric strategic approach delivers results that increases your brand awareness, drives your sales and leads to market expansion. 

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.”

— Seth Godin.

Marketing Solutions

  • Business & Marketing Strategy: By partnering, we will create successful marketing campaigns, strategies and plans around the specifics of your business goals and customer base. When working on your strategy, we take into account the latest digital marketing trends and changes. At De Jong Solutions we understand how sales & marketing go hand in hand, which is how we build our marketing strategies, generating qualified leads while leveraging sales data to inspire your next successful marketing campaign. We help your business develop a unique value proposition to help you differentiate from your competitors. This is particularly important for acquiring new customers and keeping current ones loyal.

    • By looking at growth Strategies, we analyse different areas in the market to grow or expand into. We analyse different customers and find new potential target markets by using consumer insights. Questions we would consider are: Who is your target audience? What makes your offering unique?
    • What product/service are you selling? What is the end benefit of using it?
  • Brand Positioning and Development: Together, we can increase your shareholders’ value. The aim of brand positioning is to create a positive perception of your brand in the eyes of your customers. Brand positioning will occur regardless of whether or not a conscious effort is made by you as a company to create this perception, and therefore, if left without management, a brand’s position in the market could turn negative.

    • Brand architecture & portfolio – we analyse the number of brands you have under your company name, the target audience for each and whether the relationships between each are clearly defined. This will create better transparency and greater clarity for marketing activities, so that we can deliver better brand awareness for you.
  • Communication & Campaign Strategy: De Jong Solutions will make sure your brands’ value proposition is communicated in the most effective way, to create lead generation. We analyse your marketing positioning, your marketing goals, messaging/benefits to send out, type of marketing instruments to use to reach your audience, and how we will keep track of communication success. By partnering, we will increase your market visibility, brand image, purchase consideration, sales and loyalty. Our campaign strategy proposal could include consulting around:

    • Content Management
    • Events, Public Relations
    • Social Media Management
    • Media, paid search & advertising
    • Consulting around SEO, SEM, and other digital marketing options
    • Website management
    • Campaign execution plan
  • Social Media Consulting Services: Social media is a great place to connect and engage with your potential and loyal customers, as well as start establishing a digital presence for your company. We tailor our strategies around each customer, depending on what industry you are in, your specific brand and your audience. We tailor every social media channel to your audience, creating bespoke strategies and messaging for each, which could also mean working with industry influencers to guide your channels.

  • Brand Collaborations & Partnerships: By partnering, we will create new markets and target groups by joining forces with different independent brands, creating market synergies. Benefits of partnering include: tapping into new markets, new target groups, joint developments in product & services, sharing investments, and profit from your partners’ brand strength.

  • Persona Development Services: Knowing your audience is key to successful marketing! We develop customised personas to guide your marketing effort from outreach strategies to the appropriate content creation. These are created by looking at customer demographics and analysing your buyer and influencer personas.

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About Me

Bonjour! I’m Valérie, an international senior branding, marketing and strategist consultant, leading brand equity, product and media innovation from a strategic, creative and market knowledge perspective.

I have worked and consulted with various companies, setting strategy for SMEs and large financial institutions, trading technology providers, and luxury jewellery companies.

My partners work with me as I can help them achieve bespoke brands, strategy and operational success in a a business area that I have a lot of expertise in.

I take a bespoke approach to every partner, giving them personal consulting in an area where I have a lot of expertise, with a clear action plan on how to improve their brand perception and strategic initiatives to meet their business goals. Together as partners, My goal is to work with my partners as long as they need it, so that together, we can achieve their business goals and ideal ROI.

Typical examples of marketing strategies that we have worked on

Campaign Strategy – The full plan when you want to launch a product or service, by looking at different ways to get your product out, using different marketing activities and channels.

Segmentation and Targeting Strategy – An overview of who your audience is, what their interests are so that we know whom to target and with what type of channels and messaging. This includes building of personas.

Content Marketing Strategy – A plan to outline how you’ll develop content that addresses the needs, interests and challenges of your client base.

Social Media Marketing Strategy – A strategy to prioritise how social media will be integrated across your company for maximum impact. This could also include influencer marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategy – A blueprint for how to balance marketing activities across digital channels for an optimal performance.


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