About me

Hello! I’m Valérie, an international senior branding, marketing and strategist consultant, leading brand equity, product and media innovation from a strategic, creative and market knowledge perspective.

I have worked and consulted with various companies, setting strategy for SMEs and financial institutions, trading technology providers, and luxury jewellery companies.

My clients work with me as I can help them achieve bespoke brands, strategy and operational success in a variety of business areas.

I take a bespoke approach to every client, giving them personal consulting and management service with a clear action plan on how to improve their brand perception and strategic initiatives to meet their business goals. Whether you require brand visual identity, creative work, or strategic development and planning, I can help you manage your requests in order to achieve your business goals and success.


At De Jong Solutions we focus on balancing your commercial objectives whilst keeping your brand integrity in line. Helping your business grow by executing 360 multi-channel campaigns to build brand equity through branding, content, culture and storytelling. Our innovation and customer-centric strategic approach delivers results that increases your brand awareness, drives your sales and leads to market expansion.